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Contraception & Family Planning

A full range of family planning services is offered including insertion of IUCD, “Mirena,” and “Implanon.” Women’s health checks are available including PAP smear, breast check, blood pressure and skin check.

There is more to contraception than the pill or condoms.

  • Barrier methods: condoms, diaphragms and “Femidom”
    • no need for medication or prescription
    • protection for STD’s
    • around 90% effective
  • Combined oral contraceptive pill
    • 99.9% effective
    • helps control menstrual cycle, can miss periods
    • can help acne
    • increases risk of blood clotting and possibly breast cancer
    • have to remember to take pill everyday
  • Progesterone only contraceptive pill
    • no oestrogen, so no risk of clotting or breast cancer
    • unlikely to worsen migraine or cause fluid retention
    • around 96% effective
    • may cause irregular periods
    • has to be taken at the same time every day
  • Progesterone implant, “Implanon” (inserted in dedicated procedure room)
    • 99.99% effective
    • lasts 3 years
    • many women will have no periods at all
    • may cause irregular periods particularly during first 2-3 months
    • requires sterile insertion under local anaesthetic
  • Intrauterine device with progesterone core: “Mirena” (inserted in dedicated procedure room)
    • 99.99% effective
    • lasts 5 years
    • most women will have extremely light or absent periods
    • requires sterile insertion which can be momentarily uncomfortable
  • Sterilisation: counselling and referral for vasectomy, tubal ligation and “Essure” procedure

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