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Clinical Psychologist

Rachel is a Clinical Psychologist with over eight years experience working in private practice and is committed to creating a warm and safe place for clients to explore themselves and improve their mental health and well-being. Rachel primarily works with adults and older adolescents presenting with a wide range of clinical problems including gender dysphoria/incongruence, sexual difficulties, sexual orientation issues, Depression, Anxiety Disorders, stress and work problems, relationship difficulties, disordered eating, and interpersonal issues. Rachel uses a variety of evidence-based therapies including Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy, Sexual Therapy, Schema Therapy and Interpersonal Therapy tailored to suit the individual needs of each client. She has also received specialist training under Dr Vivienne Cass, Clinical Psychologist and Sexual Therapist in the area of sexuality and gender.
Rachel is endorsed by the Psychology Board of Australia as a Clinical Psychologist and as a supervisor of Clinical Psychologist Registrars. She is a full member of The Australian Psychological Society and the Australian and New Zealand Professional Association of Transgender Health.


She can be contacted directly on her mobile: 0400-772096 or via email at


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