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Clinical Psychologist

Life is a series of unexpected moments. Some of them may seem unwelcome, overwhelming, or insurmountable. My role is to help you respond as best you can to whatever life throws at you. I am an experienced Clinical Psychologist, with particular expertise in using a range of scientifically proven treatments to assist clients with chronic and complex difficulties. I am an advanced practitioner of DBT. DBT is an active therapy, focused on how to move you towards the life you wish to have. It is about: ACCEPTANCE: getting you through the distressing yet inescapable parts of life and CHANGE: learning new skills to manage your emotions, improve your relationships, acquire psychological life skills My approach is collaborative. My aim is always to collaborate with you on your personal goals for your life. I also conduct legal assessments. I have written over 250 reports for the purposes of either Criminal Injuries Compensation, Insurance Commission of WA, Redress WA, Workers Compensation, Public Liability or other medico legal purpose. I have been appointed as a Single Expert in the Children’s Court. I have a solid professional relationship with many reputable law firms in WA and Qld. Please email or telephone 0412 046 321 for information, or to book an appointment


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