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Joanne Milios graduated with a Bachelor of Science(Physiotherapy) from Curtin University , Western Australia in 1993 and is currently undertaking a PhD at the University of Western Australia’s School of Sport Science, Exercise & Health. As a private practice MSK Physiotherapist with greater than 15 years PT experience, Jo was invited by her Urologist brother to establish a Men’s Health service to treat his prostate cancer patients in 2005.The decade since then has resulted in Jo treating >2000 prostatectomy patients ,>500 chronic pelvic pain patients,100s of men with Erectile Dysfunction and a dire recognition that Men’s Health is far behind Women’s Health. Presentations at international conferences include, 2011’s Australia New Zealand Urological Society meeting , 2014’s Asia- Pacfic Sexology Conference in Brisbane, Poster Presentation at 2014’s World Congress Prostate Cancer Conference and podium presentation in Men’s Health at WCPT15 in Singapore.Jo established the Men’s Health Physiotherapy Facebook group in 2014 which currently hosts almost 1000 international Physiotherapists. A 24 hour Men’s Health twitter chat hosted by the APA attracted more than 3 million views in Men’s Health Week 2015 .Finally, Jo established PROST! Exercise 4 Prostate Cancer, a not for profit community education and exercise program for men in 2012.


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