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“S.O.S.” 1995

3x 2hr meetings on Adolescent Suicide Prevention. (SKB)
“Insights” 1996-1999:

9x3hr meetings on primary care psychiatry (Roche)
“Youth Suicide Project” 1996-7

3x2hr meetings on youth suicide prevention. (PCCDGP)
“Talking About Sex” 1999-2000

6x2hr meetings on erectile dysfunction. (Pfizer)
“Signals I” 2000 (SKB)

facilitator training followed by 4 w/e workshops on recognition of anxiety disorders.
“Signals II” 2001 (SKB)

facilitator training followed by 4 w/e workshops on management of anxiety disorders.
“Psychosis in the elderly” 2001-2003

6 x 3hr workshops for Eli Lilly
“Facilitator training” 2002

8 hour training module in small group facilitation (GPDWA)
“Small group learning”

facilitator for monthly Balint Group, 90 minutes / month
“Freedom workshops in ED” (Lilly)

5 x 3hr workshops in Perth , Kalgoorlie and Geraldton 2003
“ED workshops” (Bayer/GSK)

5x 3hr workshops in Perth, Kalgoorlie and Bunbury 2003
“Time Efficient Mental Health

6 hour workshop on mental health for GP’s

workshops in Perth, Geraldton and Carnarvon


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